Look To Your Left Vol. 3

Built for use with INDEX CARD RPG by Runehammer Games

This is the third volume of Look To Your Left, a fanzine to the great game of Index Card RPG. I collected a bunch of goodies, ideas, and resources that I thought might be helpful for game masters, and things I’ve used at my own table. Plus some killer, creepy art from JDHull of Epic Sloth Games. Things like:

  • Mini-Adventure: Derelict Ship in Zero Gravity. What starts as a lucky break to salvage an abandoned ship turns into a nightmare as players get caught in the crossfire of some mercenaries on a mission.
  • Sci-Fi Roll Tables. Meant to be included in Derelict Ship, but easily dropped in and added on for any space-faring venture.
  • Red Dust Arrows. Probably my most “OP” item to date, but are your players willing to risk carrying them?
  • Single Use Items. I find that I don’t use single-use items often enough, so how about a list of fun items to drop for players’ enjoyment?
  • Fun with Tags: A list of random tags that could spur some interesting stories
  • Stat That Monster. What will the dice inspire you to create as you stat this creepy monster?
  • Fill in the Blank Map
  • 4 art cards
  • And more!

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