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Character Sheet – Portrait

Download a copy of the universal character sheet

Character Sheet – Landscape

An amazing landscape variation made by Tilmah

All 4 Index Card Volumes

Print out all 4 volumes to use at the table as props, terrain, and more!

Print-n-play Master Collection

Print all the paper minis you could ever need to use at your table

VTT Master Collection

Download all the VTT bits and bobs Hankerin has used over the last few years

ICRPG InDesign Adventure Template

Use the official Adventure Template to format your own. Grab the PDF version.

ICRPG Adventures Collection

Run through all the classic ICRPG adventures at your own table.

Index CARD Virtual Tabletop

Use the free community supported VTT to run your games online.

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Runehammer Forums

Go check out for the bounty of player-created sheets, cards and more!

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