Frequently Asked Questions about ICRPG

Whether you’re new to Index Card RPG or have been around the Shield Wall a few times, we all have questions. Let’s see if we can answer some of the most commonly asked questions that come up. Plus, we’ll keep adding this list, so check back occasionally or use it to reference when you’re talking with your friends about ICPRG.

Can I make and sell content for Index Card RPG

Yes! ICRPG invites all its readers and fans to create and sell content, owing nothing at all to Runehammer. All you have to do is 1: Include the “made for” badge, 2: Don’t copy-paste art/text from my books. Go forth, create and sell!

Do I ever have to pay you anything if I make money off my supplements?

Runehammer will never bill you or want any of your gains as an ICRPG creator, ever. I believe that DIY is the heart and soul of our hobby, so let’s all rise together!

Can you ever revoke the Runehammer license?

Recent events have shown us that even with legal promises flying around, certainty comes down to honor and integrity. I have no intention of ever revoking anything or ‘reaping’ anyone’s work. We’re all in this together.

Are there any good starting adventures to learn the game?

Definitely! You should check out The Last Voyage of Finigan’s Pride. It’s got everything you need to walk through a session. You could also download the ICRPG Adventure Collection and try running Last Flight of the Red Sword or Doomvault. Those are both classic adventures that are almost a rite of passage for ICRPG players.