Look To Your Left Vol. 1

Built for use with INDEX CARD RPG by Runehammer Games

Look To Your Left is my little fanzine in honor of Index Card RPG and the amazing DIY spirit it brings to the table. Inside is a small collection of various goodies, ideas, and resources to kick start your imagination or drop into a pre-existing game. Things like:

  • Trial: Last Stand on Old Iron Hill. Can you survive the voracious Slurper and its master?
  • Interview with Skippy. A stalwart member of the shield wall shares his thoughts
  • The Ratmen crew of the Black Plague pirate vessel with print-n-play paper minis! (The Chopper, Assassin, and Belcher)
  • The Scarlet Monolith. A legendary relic with untold magic properties and connections to the Scarlet Magi
  • Fill in the Blank Map
  • 4 art cards
  • And more!

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