The Market – An ICRPG Shopping Hack

The market is a way to speed up and lootify shopping in ICRPG. It can be used for trading items found in the world with a bank, shop keeper, the king, travelling market and so on.

The simple concept is loot is broken into tiers of value and can be spent/traded to get different, better or more LOOT!

Benefits and Examples

  • MARKET takes away some prep work for thinking about what is in a shop. Have a template of values ready and then simply roll and go!
  • Gives players choice over what they want to keep or trade. “Why am I carrying this Keg around, I want that slingshot instead!”
  • “Four Bags of Copper will be paid to who ever brings me Grops Head!” Players know they can buy four Shabby items or one Ancient with some change.
  • “In the shop window you see a small glass eye. Labled, WATCHERS EYE – One Bag of Gold.” The party group together, hand over their horde of shabby LOOT and buy the strange magical eye.

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