Black Light for ICRPG

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There is a veil that exists between the realms of human experience and the mind-shattering truths of an uncaring cosmos. Dark demons and cosmic terrors, birthed before creation, lurk on this edge of space and time. They wait and they are hungry.

It is up to the shadowy Agents of Black Light to hold that veil, to limit the encroachment of these forces of darkness upon our human existence.

As an Agent you are a member of a sleeper cell acting outside of institutional oversight. You lead what people consider a normal life until activated by your Handler for a Black Light Operation.

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Black Light includes:

  • New ICRPG classes
  • Character professions and expertise skill system
  • New sanity and disorder mechanics
  • Black Light character sheet
  • New loot and firearms
  • A worksheet to help create your own Operations
  • A Black Light Operation so you can start playing

Black Light requires ICRPG Core or Quickstart rules.

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1 review for Black Light for ICRPG

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kane Driscol

    If you’re looking for something to scratch that “Call of Cthulu”, “Delta Green”, “S.C.P.” itch, than Black Light is perfect for you. It’s based off the ICRPG 2e ruleset, but that really doesn’t matter. I don’t think you need to worry about converting it to Master Edition because it just works so well as is. Definitely worth picking up.

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