Moldy Codex #1

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Designed for use with INDEX CARD RPG by Runehammer Games

The first issue of the Moldy Codex is here! This homebrew fanzine is packed with art and content for the ICRPG system. The included adventure has been playtested and is designed to only require 30 minutes of prep by the GameMaster! The new loot table includes 100 loot items, with new types of items such as wands and rods. Issue #1 is fantasy-themed and includes the following:

  • Adventure: Lost Tomb of the Skeleton King
  • Location: Village of Hadorne
  • 2 new monsters (with print-n-play paper minis!)
  • 4 monster reference cards (Skeleton, Slime Cube, Living Statue, and Skeleton King)
  • New loot table
  • 8 art cards
  • Hand-drawn character sheet

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