Khan’s Spells & Feats for ICRPG (Vol. 1)



KHAN’s SPELLS & FEATS for ICRPG is the first supplement book for INDEX CARD RPG roleplaying game system that is written by someone other than its creator RUNEHAMMER GAMES

This supplement fleshes out SPELLS and introduces brand new mechanics for ICRPG: METAMAGIC SPELLS and FEATS. Take your magical knowledge to the next level!

METAMAGIC SPELLS are special SPELLS that let you cast another SPELL with modifications like double damage, double duration, no cost and so on. There is one that lets you even cast two spells with a single action!

FEATS are special abilities for characters that let them do extraordinary things. Characters gain them in place of milestones. This will let you play games without LOOT if you wish so. Mechanically, FEATS are similar to SPELLS but activating a FEAT is a free action and you can activate multiple FEATS one after the other. Also you master FEATS individually and mastering them lowers their activation cost.

Extra attacks, extra actions, marking, parrying, cleaves, ducking, dodging, stat boosts… You name it.



  • 207 brand new and awesome SPELLS for all SPELL TYPES
  • 11 METAMAGIC SPELLS that empower your spellcasting in many different ways like putting your spell EFFORT dice to maximum
  • 57 new FEATS which can give HEROES many interesting abilites
  • 10 MAGE KINDS that give your spellcaster a unique ability
  • 10 MAGE CLASSES to inspire your spellcaster’s starting SPELL TYPES and backstory
  • 100 RARE INGREDIENTS for emergency use, or creating potions or casting SPELLS for free
  • 200 MERCURIAL FALURE EFFECTS for “oh crap!” moments for spellcasters
  • SPELL LOOT TABLES for finding awesome SPELLS as scrolls, crystals, tomes and similar
  • Mage Character Sheet
  • Blank FEATS Sheet for your own FEAT creations



  • Erase something from timeline so everything will change.
  • Store a SPELL and specify a condition for it to automatically trigger.
  • Turn into a magnificient dragon.
  • Change the shape of the terrain to create castle walls, trenches or other features.
  • Heal everyone around you for many ROUNDS.
  • Kill everyone around you in an instant.
  • Utter a fate you want for a creature and it will happen.
  • Create different undeads with different abilities under your control.
  • Make someone lose STAT points and gain them.
  • Open a portal to nothingness which will suck everything in.
  • Counter a SPELL that was just cast.
  • Prevent any magic from working around you.
  • Know everything that is or was publicly known about something.
  • Make a SPELL a part of you to cast is for FREE and it as always EASY.
  • Destroy everything around you one by one each ROUNDS.


  • Dodge attacks made against you and take no damage.
  • Always be ready and play before everyone else.
  • Be lucky and reroll failed ATTEMPTS.
  • Make your RECOVERY ACTION way more powerful.
  • Gain more HP from any healing applied to you.
  • Gain huge bonuses to your attack rolls.
  • Hit everyone around you with a single attack.
  • Attack multiple times in a single TURN.
  • Get into a dangerous rage.
  • Shield bash as an extra attack and damage.
  • Punch and kick creatures as if you are Bruce Lee.
  • Make all your ATTEMPTS and CHECKS EASY.


  • Bone Dust. Duplicate a creature out of dust, under your control. It has the same STATS and abilities as the original.
  • Time Shard. Undo your current TURN or last TURN and play it again.
  • Ember Scroll Fragment. Roll INT to learn a new SPELL immediately.
  • Piece of Star Ruby. 40% chance to permanently gain +1 to any STAT of your choice.

PDF file is fully bookmarked.

You need ICRPG CORE 2E & ICRPG MAGIC to fully utilize this book.

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