Garden of the Temple Vol2


This is the sequel to Garden of the Temple. The vast plains of Behem stretch out in front of our heroes. The tall grass waves in the gentle breeze. You have survived the Garden of the Temple, now it’s time to see what else is out there.

Zine Includes:

    • Information on two characters that you come across.
    • An adventure involving a mysterious wizard, and a massive monster.
    • 5 new monsters for the world of Garden of the Temple.
    • Short guide book to some of the flora and fauna of the world.


Digital Pack Includes:

  • PDF – Zine formatted as a PDF
  • Phone PDF – Zine formatted specifically for viewing on smart phones
  • EPUB – Zine formatted as an EPUB for eReaders and eReader apps
  • Folder – Online play assets
    • Hero and Monster Cards – Monsters and heroes as digital cards
    • Targets – Room target numbers
    • Tokens – Hero and Monster tokens
    • Other – Maps and a few other little elements
  • Folder – Wallpapers for all your devices
  • Folder – Avatars for social media profiles and all that
  • Folder – Print and play files
    • Full color print and play files with 2D minis, maps, and more
    • Black and White print and play with all the PNP files in black and white
  • Folder – Empty folders to fancy up your desktop folders

Print and play files include a pop up paper mini of the stone creature called a brystan.

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