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In a game’s maturity, the chase of character evolution has limits. After a few life cycles, players are looking closer, thinking deeper, and asking for more substance. Challenge becomes a word often heard at the table, and the GM feels a pressure that isn’t easy to satisfy. It’s time, then, to cook with fire. It’s time to go to HARDCORE MODE.

This D&D fifth edition rules mod from RUNEHAMMER and DRUNKENS & DRAGONS will push your game to the limits of simple, fast, deadly play. Keep your core books, and mind your feet. It’s dangerous to go alone.

Now also available in a super slim, backpack friendly hardback for your tabletop! The hardback also includes CASTLE OF MIRRORS.

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1 review for 5e: HARDCORE MODE

  1. 5 out of 5


    Perfect for those, who love 5E, but it’s hard for them to put meaningful challenges before the players without 2 hour long encounters and epic level villains with countless cheesy mechanics.
    Simple, streamlined, exciting and A LOT OF FUN.
    For $3.5 its a must-have steal!

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