Introducing the Index Card RPG THINK DECK!

A 54-card deck you shuffle, draw, and interpret to create tabletop content!

Use your intuitive knowledge of suits and ranks, along with the how-to PDF and card titles every GM will recognize. You’ll be innovating and creating in no time, with a simple card draw!

If you’re overseas, or a die-hard DIY creator, choose the super-affordable PDF only, and print-cut-sleeve your own deck. Go all in for just 12.50$ and get premium poker cards in a durable tuck box.

I’ve been designing rooms, monsters, and adventures with a deck of cards for years, but THINK DECK takes the idea of creative chance to a new level, including TIMER and TARGET cards for ICRPG GM’s looking for a visually rich table aid as well as creative kick.

Get out your journal, form a question in your mind, and let THINK DECK show the way!

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