Garden of the Temple

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You have found yourselves in Blume Tavern, the smell of fresh baked bread and ginger beer fills the warm room.  Outside all manner of creature shuffle through the bustling streets of Behem that wind in and around the massive skull of the the largest giant to ever live. The giants may be gone, but Behem stands alone in the province that was once theirs. Throughout the night you hear murmurs of the abandoned temple, the treasures that may have been left there, the magical garden that it protects, and the danger that may be waiting.

Zine Includes:

  • Introduction to the setting.
  • Information on all 5 playable bio-forms.
  • An adventure exploring a temple that has been infested with a colony of evil creatures with a disturbing secret.
  • Details on the monsters found in the adventure.
  • Loot table of 100 items, spells, and crazy things one might find in this world.


Digital Pack Includes:

  • PDF – Zine formatted as a PDF
  • Phone PDF – Zine formatted specifically for viewing on smart phones
  • EPUB – Zine formatted as an EPUB for eReaders and eReader apps
  • Folder – Online play assets
    • Hero and Monster Cards – Monsters and heroes as digital cards
    • Targets – Room target numbers
    • Tokens – Hero and Monster targets
    • Other – Maps and a few other little elements
  • Folder – Wallpapers for all your devices
  • Folder – Avatars for social media profiles and all that
  • Folder – Print and play files
    • Full color print and play files with 2D minis, maps, and more
    • Black and White print and play with all the PNP files in black and white
  • Folder – Empty folders to fancy up you desktop folders
Note: Digital Pack 1.1 included small fixes, and the addition of a Phone PDF

Designed for use with INDEX CARD RPG by Runehammer Games

*This zine does not include the core rules for how to play. The adventure and world are formatted for use with ICRPG, but you could easily adapt it to any tabletop RPG such Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons. ICRPG is an easy to pick up system that I can not recommend enough.

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1 review for Garden of the Temple

  1. 5 out of 5


    Great little setting zine, albeit it fairly small even for a zine. It is written very much in ICRPG style where there are lots of blanks to be filled in by the GM to suit their world which may be a benefit or detriment depending on your style. The art is really what gets my 5 stars along with the fantastic phone version of the PDF.

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