The Waste Is Not Kind: An ICRPG Post Apocalyptic Toolkit

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The Waste Is Not Kind is a Toolkit for ICRPG players to get started telling epic adventures in the post apocalyptic setting of “the Waste.” Built to do the initial heavy lifting and light the creative fire for DIY GM’s and players



Built on the foundation of ICRPG Master Edition’s system with plenty of new options to explore

  • Familiar and proven rules for ICRPG players
  • Simple, rollable character generation
  • 6 new Types of heroes complete with Starting Loot and Milestone Abilities
  • Loot tables: Gun, Armor, Weapons and Items to find in the Waste
  • 46 VTT tokens & 16 Virtual Index Cards to jumpstart VTT games
  • A custom character sheet for this setting
  • A booklet version for printing and quick analog reference at the table

New mechanics of Grit, Adrenaline, and MADNESS! 

  • A unique twist inspired by Altered State Surge system combined with Mothership Rpg’s Stress & Panic system
  • GRIT is a shared pool of dice allowing for big hits and last stands
  • Adrenaline grows as the Waste takes its toll, fueling your grit, and testing your limits
  • Face Madness when the narrative takes its most brutal turn, will your character rise to the challenge or be granted endless rest?

Simple world primer to inspire a unique Waste for your table

  • Map of Alpha sector with lists of details to inspire a GM’s mind
  • 10 Factions with brief details to populate your table’s world
  • Sample enemies with unique monster roll tables to inspire new tactics and role play
  • Advice for simple, brutal car combat to play out the epic car chases

Any possible future additions such as adventures or new art will be added to this core set

To check out an actual play of this system in action watch the video below from Kane’s Kiln

1 review for The Waste Is Not Kind: An ICRPG Post Apocalyptic Toolkit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kane Driscol

    The Waste Is Not Kind has provided me with some of the best games I’ve ever played. The set up is familiar but distinct. The tone is just what I’d hope for when looking for that post-apocalyptic flavor and everything builds so well on what I’m already used to with ICRPG. Highly recommend everyone to pick this up.

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