A TTRPG adventure with magic stickers.

The Wandering City is on lock-down as the hermit crab makes its monthly move down the coast. The city guard has been assigned to protect the mysterious bell that creates magical stickers.

From high in the tower you can see most of the city below. The bell should be hard to steal; it’s big enough that a few creatures could hid inside it… but then… BOOOOM!!!

Zine Includes:

    • Lighthearted adventure with magic stickers.
    • Random table for magic stickers.
    • 12 creatures to play as or against.
    • Short overview of 3 factions


Digital Pack Includes:

  • PDF – Zine formatted as a PDF
  • EPUB – Zine formatted as an EPUB for eReaders and eReader apps
  • Folder – Online play assets
    • Creature Cards – Monsters and heroes as digital cards
    • Targets – Room target numbers
    • Tokens – Hero and Monster tokens
    • And More
  • Folder – Avatars for social media profiles and all that
  • Folder – Print and play files
    • Full color print and play files with 2D minis, character sheets, and more
    • Folder – Empty folders to fancy up your desktop folders

Designed for use with INDEX CARD RPG by Runehammer Games

*This zine does not include the core rules for how to play. The adventure and world are formatted for use with ICRPG, but you could easily adapt it to any tabletop RPG such as Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons. ICRPG is an easy to pick up system that I cannot recommend enough.

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