Look To Your Left Vol. 2

Built for use with INDEX CARD RPG by Runehammer Games

This is my second volume of Look To Your Left, a fanzine to honor of Index Card RPG. Inside is a small collection of various goodies, ideas, and resources that I thought might be helpful for game masters to use at their own tables. Things like:

  • Trial: A Temple…Or A Tomb? Explore a haunted tomb with a combination of stealth and mental prowess
  • Interview with JD. A creative confidant shares his thoughts on the game and his own process.
  • The Ratmen crew of the Black Plague pirate vessel with print-n-play paper minis! (The Chopper, Assassin, and Belcher)
  • The Golden Kiln Gate. A wonderous location that ties Skar into the dwarven mines in Duradin
  • Gerblin Equipment: An often sought-after selection of gerblin guns and tools to drop into the hands of any sharpshooting Gun Priest. These items are powerful, but don’t hesitate to modify them!
  • Stolen or Framed? Situation roll table that might get your players into trouble
  • Fill in the Blank Map
  • 4 art cards
  • And more!

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