Whispers in the Well


An innocent act to deepen the town well turned into a horrible nightmare when they unknowingly tore open a membrane that led to a fungal cave system. The ancient mycelium lashed out in defense against the attack. Its spores infected the townsfolk in a matter of days and had already spread to the edges of the forest.

The Council of Mages quickly sealed the town inside a Sphere of Annihilation with hopes to contain and destroy the spread. If a cure can’t be found in the Heart of the organism everything inside the barrier will be burned to ash.

  • Can the Heroes survive the descent into the Well and navigate its depths?
  • Can they find a way to deal with the Fungal Heart and discover a cure?
  • Can they save the town and themselves before the Arcane Barrier collapses?

*Includes Maps and Tokens for use with your favorite VTT.

For use with Index Card RPG (ICRPG) by RUNEHAMMER GAMES, but can be easily modified for any D20 based system.

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