Shadows in the Dark – C:2009-R1: Part One


“There was nothing but blackness. The place was so dark, so utterly devoid of life, that Jimmy had genuinely had to check his eyes were open. His sharp intake of breath, from the pain of poking himself in the eye, seemed to have given his comrades the push they needed to talk, so at least there was that. No one knew where they were. Fissim had genuinely thought he was dead; to be honest, Jimmy still wasn’t even sure they weren’t. After a few moments, each of them suddenly felt very queasy…then the pain started. They screamed, grabbing their skulls as they felt it; the Warp Shell was in agony, and calling out to them for help. They needed to move, and quick. First, though, they had to be able to see…”

Shadows in the Dark isthe first installment of an adventure set in the far future of the universe, in Index Card RPG’s Warp Shell. It dumps the players into the belly of comet C:2009-R1, their Warp Shell buried far below them. Alone in the dark, they must find their way to their tortured ship. But first they need to find out where they are, why they’re here, and how they can save their beleaguered ship…

This adventure is designed for use with ICRPG 2e, although it can be converted to other TTRPG systems with relative ease.

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