Sci-Fi Lifeform Tokens Volume 5



This is my fifth set of sci-fi lifeform tokens to spruce up your online sci-fi games! You can use these as NPCs, adversaries, or even character life forms with a little DIY stat building! This set contains 24 high-quality tokens designed specifically for Hard Suit. The tokens are optimized for VTT platforms such as Roll20 and are sized to 280px x 280px at 72dpi. There are three unique designs with four color variations and four ring colors for each design giving you 24 tokens to choose from. The design and color options will give you a plethora of choices for your VTT games!

The lifeforms shown in the cover image are depicted in the tokens. Each image has 8 tokens, a sample is shown below of the array of ring colors and alternate image colors that are available. Aside from the grey rings the colored discs may vary in hue per set.  

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