World of Aurora 2E for ICRPG


A fantasy/pirate setting for Index Card RPG, by RUNEHAMMER GAMES. Users should already know how to play ICRPG, have the free Quickstart Guide, or own the ICRPG CORE book.

Aurora’s first edition was a free supplement with much less content, detail, and proper artwork. 2E has been rebuilt from the ground up and includes a commissioned map, class art, and monster art.

This world setting contains 7 character classes each with 2 subclasses, 13 monsters, 5 adventure hooks, a world map, world outlines for each region, a loot table, a character sheet, and a ship sheet. Ships have been redesigned as well, taking advantage of using PC’s in their best suited crew positions.

This setting also includes new milestone paths, weapons, and magic spells. Your purchase will contain zip folders with tokens for digital play, full-res maps, a DM screen, and printable character/monster cards. Cheers and enjoy!

Now Included!!

A PDF with 6 Quicksheets for faster use at the table. These can be printed front/back so it’ll only add 3 sheets to your pile of GM’ing supplies! They include all of the Ship Building and Sailing rules, a Fishing page with roll table and mini-games, and Monster pages with reduced text for quick reference.

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