Age of Snakes: Adventures in a Fallen Alfheim

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King Henryk has fallen. This sets off a chain reaction of events across all of Alfheim that gives rise to the Snake-Men once more, and giving power to Bast, the ruthless successor to the snake-god mastermind Sett. Bast controls the minds of all Snake-Men, and uses them to topple one region after another.

Age of Snakes: Adventures in a Fallen Alfheim is a game supplement for use with Index Card RPG. It contains over 80 pages of content themed to the 150-year period following the death of King Henryk. The book contains the following:

  • All artwork done by the original creator of ICRPG, Brandish Gilhelm of Runehammer Games
  • A new villain, the undead Snake-Man Bast
  • 46 new character Tags
  • 8 unique factions
  • 6 pregenerated “Champions” to kickstart the fight against the Snake-Men
  • Details for all 15 regions of Alfheim on how the Age of Snakes has affected them
  • 15 new monsters, four of which are Snake-Man variants
  • 3 unique adventures that work together to tell the story of the end of the Age of Snakes, or as standalone adventures
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The digital version of this book includes:

  • Print-and-play standees containing all monsters
  • Printable multi-page PDFs of all maps for physical tables
  • Raw art in separate PNGs that can be used for Virtual Table Tops (VTTs)
  • (ver 1.3 update o 11.11.19) A “Bast Encounter Pack”: 6-page PDF detailing how to run the final encounter with Bast, two full-color maps for VTT or full-sized print-to-table, and all the necessary tokens
  • (ver 1.4 update on 7.16.20) PDF fully bookmarked

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