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What started as a passion project to create a magical world setting for my family to play in, turned into this World Setting for the tabletop RPG known as Index Card RPG, created by RUNEHAMMER GAMES LLC.

In this mid-1800’s setting, the players will take on the role of students attending a magical school, the Phineas’ School of Fascinous, that is currently hidden away from the rest of the world. They will attend classes, make friends, and be pulled into wild magical plots. Dark times are approaching, will the students step up to face the challenge?

This setting contains wands, spells, potions, equipment, abilities, and much more for the students to utilize. The GM will make use of the included 16 creatures, world maps, NPC generator, and event generators, and loot tables. ZIP folders include sets of maps, with and without text, creature tokens for digital use, and printable standees for table use. Finally, this product includes a new character sheet and even a separate Student Handbook with all of the GM info removed (print one for each player if you wish)!

Edit: Now also includes a card game that can be played within Phineas’ School of Fascinous! Includes a 2-page instruction/example and 27 cards. It’s a simple yet challenging minion control game with a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. It plays similar to Triple Triad.

The only requirement to play is to have access to ICRPG Master Edition, although more resources can be pulled from ICRPG Core 2E and ICRPG MAGIC if you so desire. Pages are designed on a 6″x9″ layout.

Thanks for all of your support!

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