Children of Ire for ICRPG


A fantasy setting for Index Card RPG, created by RUNEHAMMER GAMES. Users should already know how to play ICRPG, have the free Quickstart Guide, or own the ICRPG CORE 2E book.

In the ICRPG timeline, this setting takes place many years before the World of Alfheim known in both the CORE 2E and WORLDS books, and is focused on the continent of Ire where magic is new, the land untamed, and the folks uncivilized.

Although it’s already easy to grasp, this supplement attempts to simplify ICRPG a little more for both newcomers and children. It is sprinkled with small suggestion boxes throughout and the monsters section contains separate blocks with simplified stats. Bio-forms are boiled down to 4 choices while Classes are condensed into 5 choices with extra loot options. Most subjects in the book are listed in easy-roll-table quantities. Inside the book is a World Primer covering the 3 main zones of Ire, 16 monsters, a black/white World Map of early Ire, new magic spells, and an additional 100 item loot table. A colored full-size map is also included as separate download. Thanks for your support!

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