Garden of Acid: An ICRPG Adventure


You’ve finally tracked down The Chemist, a villain you’ve encountered before but who has always managed to slip through your fingers, back to his hideout in the sewers.

You know that he’s been working on some plan to poison the city and the surrounding area, converting it into an inhospitable wasteland of poison and death. And you know that you’ve got to stop him tonight.

Can you survive the wretched sewers and whatever else The Chemist has in store for you?


What’s Inside

  • 5 Encounters to fill a fun night of rolling dice.
  • Extra Details & Flavor Rolls to spice up any of the scenes and make them unique each time you play.
  • Garden of Acid Trial Version: A simplified version of the adventure to get a feel for the game and add a new trial option to teach players.
  • Print-n-Play Assets: A sheet a paper minis and index cards to print out and use for in-person table play.
  • VTT Maps and Tokens: Backgrounds and tokens for each scene and enemy you need to run the adventure in your favorite Virtual Tabletop, all optimized and ready to go. I personally recommend the Index Card VTT!
  • Booklet Cover: If you do end up printing this adventure out as a booklet, you can wrap it in a booklet cover and just make it that much nicer.

Additionally, if you’re interested, this adventure was originally designed as a one-shot using the post-apocalyptic ICRPG supplement, The Waste Is Not Kind by Epic Sloth Games. You can view an actual play session of that game on my YouTube Channel, Kane’s Kiln. Just search for “Garden of Acid”.

For use with INDEX CARD RPG (ICRPG) by RUNNEHAMMER GAMES, but can be easily modified for any D20-based system. It could fit within a fantasy, sci-fi, or post-apocalyptic setting.

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