BEARCATS is a system-neutral campaign setting for your favorite tabletop RPG rule set. Players, as rag tag survivors trapped in a high school basement, will be banding together to fight the sinister INVADERS, salvaging alien and military tech, and devising a plan to take back their small home town.

The real innovation in BEARCATS is its solution to the map and its impact on play and story. The map of Fairview is bigger than an encounter map, but smaller than a world map. I call it a BATTLE WORLD. It is a fully detailed, PLAYABLE space that can encompass several sessions of play as the heroes uncover and stand against the INVADER menace.

Within this detailed but expansive canvas,  and the huge pack of digital assets included, the real guts of BEARCATS can unfold: the explosive action, the story, the people, and the little acts of bravery and sacrifice that make us a shield wall.

  • 35 page PDF of story, classes, guns, tech, equipment, enemies and missions
  • Gigantic map for online or print and play use
  • 68 high res PNG assets for creating tokens, standees and stickers
Lock and load, BEARCATS, we’re taking the fight to them!

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