ICRPG Hard Suit Series 1 STL Kit


Calling 3D print hobbyists! The first series of HARD SUIT miniatures are here!

ICRPG Hard Suit is my latest release, a world of sci-fantasy adventure with unique, ancient suits of powered armor called hard suits. To bring this unique world to life at your table, nothing beats custom-built miniatures printed and painted in your hobby laboratory.

I sculpted this kit in Zbrush while developing the Hard Suit book, and playing teh world with my table group. Here’s what the ZIP file includes:

  • PDF: This brief little document just shows the pieces included, and a few of my builds
  • 6 Hard Suit cores: Rock solid hunks of biomechanics, each with its own style
  • 2 leg types: Mix and match
  • 6 arm types: From missile boxes to drill arms to crab claws and standard hands
  • 1 base: A reinforced disc that fits just right

My friend Mitch Anderson did all the file prep on these STLs, including hand-made supports for easy, enjoyable cleanup after printing, resin drain holes in all the right (hidden) places, and a file size that’s butter to work with.

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  1. Andrew

    Has anyone printed these out on an FDM printer or are the models only going to come out well only on a resin printer?

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