One & Done, Issue 1 – Legs Before Sundown


An ICRPG (Index Card RPG, Runehammer Games) system one-shot adventure!

As summer winds down in the seaside village of Kellap, a rag-tag gang of scrappy youths are sent north along the old road to meet with the centaur scouts to retrieve an important package bound for the needy. They get more than they bargained for, as a normal summer day turns into a countryside romp complete with resplendent birds, gargantuan amphibians, supernatural creatures, and loot-thirsty highwaymen!

Included in this 46-page adventure:

  • 6 Unique Monsters!
  • 100 Pieces of Summer Loot!
  • Maps, Tables, and Quick References!
  • 4 Turn-Key Scrappy Kid Characters to Use!
  • 40 Pieces of Original Art!
  • Custom Character Sheet!
  • 16 Cut-Out Art Cards for Use in Your ICRPG Game!
  • No Banana! (Sorry, Axebane’s Moldy Banana for life!)
  • And More!

.ZIP file of PNG art for use in your digital tabletop of choice included!

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