ICRPG Targets and Timers Volume 2 – Wasteland



Looking for a fun way to snazz up your VTT games?

This set contains room target and timer tokens specifically designed for Index Card RPG games. Every set I produce is hand drawn! The tokens are optimzed for VTT platforms such as Roll20 and are sized to 280px x 280px at 72dp. The illustrations shown in the cover page are represented in the tokens. This set contains two unique designs that contain numbers 1-20 so that they can be used for targets and timers! This is a great set, it will certainly look great in your VTT sessions!

Included in the Set:

  • Wasteland Helmet Target / Timer: 1-20
  • Wasteland Barrel Target / Timer: 1-20
  • Mangled Road Sign Timer: 1-4
  • Shotgun Slugs Timer: 1-4

Thank you and happy gaming!

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