Jewel of the Monkey God


Deep in a mountainous jungle temple, there is a fabled sapphire said to be larger than a man’s head and worth a King’s ransom in gold. Locals warn that those who enter the Temple ruins must face the Monkey God, an evil entity that resides in the very Jewel itself. Legends say that this Jewel uses its foul influence to bind servants to its will and consume their souls. Destroying it may be the only way to survive…

  • Can the Players survive the trail to the ancient temple?
  • Can they discover the secrets of the Monkey God?
  • Can they make it out alive with the lost riches in tow?

*Includes Maps and Tokens for use with your favorite VTT.

For use with INDEX CARD RPG (ICRPG) by RUNNEHAMMER GAMES, but can be easily modified for any D20 based system.

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