RUNEJAMMER 2024 is in the works!

RuneJammer is back for 2024! Our around-the-clock online roleplaying game event from July 20-27 is hosted by the fans of Runehammer Games, publisher of Index Card RPG, Crown and Skull, and DM Scotty’s EZD6.

RuneJammer is:

  • Completely free to play
  • Open and welcoming to all
  • Broad in RPG scope and genre
  • Extremely FUN!!

Our event features:

  • The full lineup of Runehammer system offerings
  • Sessions hosted by Special Guest GMs
  • Live workshops with community creators

RuneJammer 2024 will deliver the experience you’re looking for at the virtual gaming table. Join us and see for yourself!

Join the ICRPG Community Discord to hang out until then!

RUNEJAMMER 2024 is a fan-based collective initiative, neither representing nor affiliated with publisher Runehammer Games. The event organizers strive to create a safe and enjoyable space for all participants. Your session’s game master (GM) is solely responsible for session content, presentation, and oversight of play during each game session. Please read your session description, follow all GM guidelines for participation, and contact your GM prior to game day for questions, concerns, and requests regarding session content and RPG safety issues.

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