SKYLINES: Set of Modern Index Cards

We proudly present this pack of MODERN INDEX CARDS to the ICRPG Community!

Inspired by Hankerin Ferninale’s ever-growing contributions to this hobby and the craft of tabletop gaming, a collection of artists and community members have come together to expand the world of index cards with a small contribution of our own.

With 100 new cards, our goal is that these modern-themed index cards will bring new twists and inspiration to the stories brought to the table and that they’ll be a resource for you and your players.

We hope that these cards find a place in your collection and that you’ll share your delicious ideas that develop from their use, however they may be.


A special thanks to the following for their art, ideas, feedback, and talents:

Hankerin Ferninale (Runehammer), Andreas, Abodi, Alex Alvarez, Jeremy Peet (rpgerminator), Krzysiek_Jeczala, Geoffrey Nelson, GMGrizzly, Marcus Burgraff (Chaosmeister), LoRd pYrO, Hannah (Fork), and Mark Eckenrode (Shadymutha).